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Spurs Don’t Believe Ibaka Will Sit Out Series

According to earlier reports, Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka is done for the rest of the post season.

However, many players of the San Antonio Spurs are not buying the reports, and believe that Ibaka will play in the series.

The San Antonio Spurs and Thunder are facing off in the Western Conference finals of the NBA playoffs.

Ibaka was injured in the game against the Los Angeles Clippers in which the Thunder clinched the series and moved on to the finals. He hurt his left calf muscle, according to reports.

According to the team, Ibaka will be out for the rest of the postseason because this type of injury takes a lot of time to heal correctly, adding that the reinjury rate for such an injury is very high.

However, the Spurs are still very skeptical and many of them believe that Ibaka will not be sitting out the series, especially since it is the conference finals.

Spurs point guard Tony Parker is one of those players. He said that it’s hard to believe that the Spurs won’t be seeing Ibaka at all, considering that he has been an integral part of the Thunder’s playoff run.

Parker, on the other hand, has good news. He suffered a strained hamstring in the last round and said that it is definitely feeling a lot better now. Parker started the first game of the series and scored 14 points.

Ibaka has been a great role player for the Thunder throughout the playoffs. He is averaging over 12 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks per game in the first 13 games of the playoffs. He has been good all year, notching career highs in both points and rebounds this year.

Even though the Spurs took the first game in the series, no one is counting out the Thunder, especially if Ibaka does make a return. In the regular season, the Thunder beat the Spurs in all four meetings.

This is no short order, considering that the Spurs had the best record in the league and went 62-16 against the rest of the league.

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