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Should Greg Hardy Be In The NFL?


If you saw Dallas Cowboys defender Greg Hardy’s behavior last night during the team’s loss to divisional rivals, the New York Giants, you might be asking yourselves the following question. Is he mentally stable?

Dallas higher-ups, staff, players and fans will defend Hardy. They will say that he is simply a passionate player who sometimes has a hard time controlling his emotions. But is that really the case? What do we know about Hardy? We know that he was arrested for domestic violence, allegedly strangling his girlfriend, threatening to kill her and throwing her onto a couch on which he was holding an assortment of automatic weapons.

We was released from the Carolina Panthers because of that and was picked up by the Cowboys, the only team who would touch him. After serving a four-game suspension, we have seen him come back to the field. Last night, he screamed at teammates in a fit or rage and even knocked a clipboard out of the special team coach’s hands.

He’s a great defender, but should his character be overlooked? Would he be able to get a job in the normal world outside of the NFL with such a history of aggression and behavioral issues? Probably not.

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