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Seahawks Lynch Gives McDonald’s Employee 500 Bucks


When you think about Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch, you don’t usually think about what a nice guy he is. He has a mean streak on the field, and as everyone knows, he doesn’t really like the press at all.

But deep down, Lynch is a great guy, and this deed proves it. Like any professional athlete who watches what he eats, Lynch decided to grab something to eat at a local McDonald’s in Dallas after taking down the Cowboys last week. He started talking to a 17-year-old who was mopping the floor of the restaurant. The boy, Terrance Downs, told Lynch that he really loved his shoes. Marshawn was wearing navy blue Buscemis at the time.

Downs talked to Lynch about his future plans and said that he wanted to open up a boutique one day. Lynch then gave Downs 500 dollars, telling him that this should help him if he really wants to get these shoes as well. But Downs might have to still work a couple extra shifts, since a pair of Buscemi shoes usually go for about 900 bucks.

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