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Seahawks DJ Banned From Playing Future


NFL teams love a good track. It gets them pumped during the workouts, it gets them hyped in the locker room before the games. And every year, NFL teams have their favorite artists and tunes that they enjoy for exactly those purposes. This year, however, Seattle Seahawks have a bit of a problem.

Namely, the Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson is dating Ciara who happens to have a son with Future, the rapper of the moment and a big favorite of the team. Unfortunately for the team and especially the Seahawks DJ, Ciara and Future did not really call it quits amicably and his songs are now pretty much off-limits.

DJ also said that he feels weird playing Ciara’s songs too, since she is dating Russell and everything. The lack of a proper set has already cost them the game against the Rams and perhaps it is time to end this very strange kind of audio censorship.

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