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Seahawks Beat Lions With Help Of Botched Call


The Detroit Lions lost a heartbreaker on Monday night to the Seattle Seahawks. With two minutes to go in the game, Seattle star Safety Kam Chancellor punched the ball out of Lions receiver Calvin Johnson’s arm as he was just about to cross the goal line and score a would-be game-winning touchdown.

Even though you can’t take anything away from Chancellor, who probably made the single best defensive play of the year, the Lions are angry about what happened after. Seattle defender K.J. Wright purposely batted the bouncing ball out of the end zone, giving Seattle the ball at their 20 as the result of a touchback.

However, NFL officiating experts later stated that what Wright did was illegal, according to an obscure rule on illegally batting the ball out of bounds. If the Lions got that call, they would have gotten the ball back on the one yard lined and probably would have punched in a score to seal the win.

But the call didn’t get made, and Seattle survived to hang on for the 13-10 win.

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