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Saints Fans Takes Ball Away From Bengals Fan

Cincinnati Bengals v New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints fans can be really passionate, but this guy might have gone too far.

After the Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham scored a touchdown against New Orleans, he tossed the ball into the stands.

It was directed at a Bengals fan that was sitting in the first row. But then a Saints fan sitting next to her pushed her out of the way and grabbed the ball for himself.

She asked the man nicely to give it to her, but he wasn’t having it. Even the Saints fans started chanting asking the man to give her the ball, but he didn’t want to. His explanation was simple. He’s not giving anyone the ball, because he caught it.

There was justice in the end though. Saints personnel ended up giving the woman a ball at the end of the game, even if it wasn’t the one the Bengals scored with.

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