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Russ Westbrook Is Not Entertained By Marcus Smart


Last night, the Boston Celtics surprised everyone as they went to Oklahoma City and gave the Thunder quite a beating of 100-85. Despite Kevin Durant not playing, it was still quite an upset, especially considering how Russell Westbrook has been playing this year.

Yesterday, Russ finally met his match in Marcus Smart, the Celtics’ shooting guard who posted an incredible stat line and stood up to Westbrook like no one has this year. Smart had 26 points on some very efficient shooting and what is more, he really gave Russ a run for his money when it comes to athleticism.

However, Westbrook was not entertained. When asked if Smart gave him something to think about, he dismissed such comments, saying that Smart had a great game but that he (Westbrook) does this 82 games a year. He also said we would see where everyone stands the next time OKC plays the Celts.

You can check out the entire interview with Russ below.

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