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Reds Joey Votto Flips Out On Ump


Cincinnati Reds first baseman got really angry last night playing against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He just wasn’t having a good night, and the umpire Bill Welke wasn’t helping matters.

It looked like Welke had it out for Votto all night, calling some incredibly questionable strikes against him at the place. You could tell in all three of his at-bats that Votto was irritated and it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when he ended up flipping out.

During the third at-bat, there was another sketchy strike called, and Votto gave Welke a piece of his mind. Welke ejected Votto after a few words, and then the Reds first basemen literally became enraged. He slammed his helment on the ground and really got in the umpires face.

Oh, and Reds Manager Bryan Price gave the ump some lip service as well and was ejected too. Not a good night for Cincinnati, who lost the game 5-4.

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