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Rams Subtly Troll Redskins During Coin Toss


Jeff Fisher pulled a pretty clever stunt at the beginning of the game on Sunday between his St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins.

Remember that one of the biggest draft day trades in recent memory brought quarterback Robert Griffin III to Washington. The Redskins have the Rams six picks to trade up and get Griffin in the draft.

As anyone who is following football this year knows, RG3 is having a very rough year and many believe that his time in Washington is all but over.

To remind the Redskins of that event, Fisher had all six of the players that the Rams got as draft picks from the RG3 deal to represent the Rams in Sunday’s coin toss.

Fisher wanted to remind the Redskins what they let go in order to get Griffin, but most importantly, he wanted to remind them what the Rams gained from making the trade. The Rams went on to shut out the Redskins 24-0, with Griffin seeming some time at the end of the game when it was already out of reach.

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