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Racist Eagles Reciever Featured On Calendar For Black History Month

Wild Card Playoffs - New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles

Remember what Philadelphia Eagles wide reciever Riley Cooper did back in 2013? He was drunk at a Kenny Chesney concert and someone took a video of him yelling at some black people and using horrible racial slurs.

Well, the Eagles are selling their 2015 team calendar and guess who is featured for February? Cooper. That’s right, Cooper is the feature player for Black History Month.

The team stated that it was not in charge of overseeing the production of the calendar and that the entire process was handled by a third-party company.

“If anything, it was an honest mistake, It never crossed our minds. I will look into this issue and see what the thought process was,” said Eagles PR representative Brett Strohsacker.

The team will investigate the matter to see if it was an honest mistake, reiterating that no one who has anything to do with the organization was responsible for picking out what players would be featured on what month of the calendar.

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