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QB Brees Can’t Ride the Motorcycle He’s Pitching


Even though New Orleans franchise quarterback Drew Brees is allowed by contract to do ads for motorcycles, a clause in his contract actually forbids him from getting on one himself. The quarterback is pitching the Can-Am Spyder motorcycle in a new add; however, someone else is going to have to ride it instead of him for the shots.

Can-Am said that they knew about the contract restrictions from the beginning and that this did not make them want to look for anyone else for the ad. Brees said that just because he does not ride one now, does not mean that he can’t ride one later in life. He said that as soon as he gets a chance to take it out for a spin on a closed course, he is going to do it.

The Can-Am Spyder is not a traditional motorcycle. It is more like a high powered tricycle. It has three wheels and is built in the shape of a Y in order to get the riders extra stability on the road. That is why there are many people outside of the motorcycle niche who are also very interested in this bike, which is why the company wanted to hire someone with a broader appeal like Brees, who brought a Super Bowl trophy to the city of New Orleans.

Can-Am officials confirmed this, saying that while they have no problems getting the attention of the consumers who are into motorcycles, they wanted a spokesperson that could get the message out to sports fans outside of the motorcycle niche who might be interested in such a vehicle.

Naturally, targeting NFL fans seems like a good demographic for them.

The ad itself is also pretty funny. In the commercial, Brees says that his football contract won’t allow him to ride a motorcycle. He then adds that he really wants to ride the Spyder. After that, he calls up his agent and tells him that he is retiring.

In the next scene, it’s Brees dressed in full motorcycle gear and riding the bike around. But don’t worry, it’s not Brees on the bike – it’s a stunt double.

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