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Proof That Vince Carter Has Still Got It [PHOTO]


When Vince Carter entered the league in 1998, it was very obvious that the NBA got one of its best athletes of all time. To those who followed high school and college basketball, this was not a surprise, but the rest of the world stood in total awe of Vince’s incredible leaping skills.

Over the years, he has regaled us with innumerable dunks that defied logic and the laws of physics. At one point, he jumped over a German national team center. Like, over him. For a dunk. Even if you did a compilation video of a thousand of his best dunks, you’d have a thousand more that you couldn’t find the time for.

Vince is 39 these days,  he is heading into his 18th season and you’d think that the years have taken their toll on his body or at least his leaping abilities. Well, judging by the people from P3, they have not. Vince can still jump more than most. The man is an anomaly.

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