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PETA Wants Dez Bryant’s Pet Monkey Taken Away


It looks like there’s going to be an investigation into whether Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant’s ownership of a pet monkey is in violation of any laws. According to NFL sources, PETA contacted Animal Control in Texas to request a formal investigation into whether Byant owns his pet monkey legally or not.

A PETA representative released a statement, stating that monkeys should be living in the wild and should not be bought by professional athletes who just want to make waves on social media by posting pictures of it. Local authorities in DeSoto, Texas, which is where Bryant lives, are being urged to investigate the case.

Apparently, the possession of monkeys is prohibited in DeSoto without a special-use permit, which private individuals cannot receive legally. The baby monkey is a capuchin and his name is Dallas. PETA is requesting that the capuchin, which can live up to 40 years, be transferred to a local animal shelter.

My new best friend…. Dallas Bryant world #throwupthex

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