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Patriots’ Gronkowski Twerks On Family Feud


This is what everyone has been looking forward to this NFL offseason. Nope, not training camp. We’re talking about Gronk’s appearance on Celebrity Family Feud! The Gronkowski family participated in the episode and it didn’t take long for Gronk to do something crazy.

Only about five minutes into the show, some woman ran up on stage and Gronk started twerking on her. At first, she was a little confused by what was going on, but then she got into it and twerked back.

How many people get to say that they twerked with the Gronk on national television? Not many.

Also, whoever was in charge of the show tried to take a bit of a low blow at Gronk, but he wasn’t having it.

One of the questions was to name something that can be deflated. And Gronk and his family refused to say “football,” since Gronkowski has already mentioned many times that he does not want to talk about the whole “Deflategate” scandal.

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