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Patriots Being Investigated For Deflating Balls?

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

Reports surfaced after the New England Patriots big playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts that the team might have been doctoring the game balls.

According to NFL sources, there is going to be an investigation into accusations that the Patriots were deflating footballs that were being used in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

Of course, even if it ends up being true, no one will be able to say that it had much of an effect on the outcome. The Patriots clearly manhandled the Colts, dominating them on both sides of the ball and coming out of the game with a convincing 45-7 victory.

So what can happen if these investigations show that there was some tampering being done with the balls? If it proves true, the Patriots might lose their first round draft pick in the 2015 draft. This happened to the team in 2007, when the Spygate scandal broke and the Patriots were found guilty of videotaping coachs of the New York Jets giving signals to their players.

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