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Pacquiao Takes Jabs At Mayweather Via Twitter

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The fight that the entire boxing world has been waiting for, Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, looks like it’s close to being finalized.

Talks are that the fight could happen in May. And even though there has been no confirmation, Pacquiao is already talking smack on social media. The Filipino boxer took to Twitter, stating that he believes that he could easily beat Mayweather, who is the the undefeated champ in four different weight classes.

Pacquiao also said that he has agreed to all of the terms of the fight, but that Mayweather has yet to confirm it. Mayweather stated that it’s not up to Pacquiao, but to his agent. He said that Manny’s promoter has yet to agree to any terms and that Manny doesn’t call the shots himself.

According to boxing sources, the biggest problem is between the two broadcasters. While Showtime owns the rights to Mayweather’s fights, Pacquiao has an exclusive deal with HBO. Hopefully the issues get ironed out quickly so that the fight can finally take place.

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