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Packers Still In Trouble Despite Hail Mary Finish


Everyone loves a Hail Mary touchdown that decides the game. It is just the nature of the game. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a team muster up everything they have in that last possession to steal a victory and last night, the Green Bay Packers did exactly that.

It was a Hail Mary pass that will be repeated over and over again until, well, until the next such game-deciding pass. Aaron Rogers took the snap with no time left, went to the left, slipped right to avoid a sack and then heaved a pass which did not promise a lot. It went really, really high and it went long, seemingly too long.

By the time the ball reached the end zone, there were already a few Packers and quite a few Detroit Lions players waiting for it. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Richard Rodgers came into picture, jumping in front of all of them, picking the ball out of the air for the game-winning TD. It was a real beauty, there is no doubt about that.

It was a fitting end for a game that seemed lost for the Packers within minutes of the start. They went 0-17 before you could say “troubles” and it seemed they would be handed another blowout loss, this time by the Detroit Lions. Somehow, they clawed back into this game, preventing the Lions from sweeping the season series against them by scoring on the longest game-winning and game-ending Hail Mary in the history of the NFL, with 61 air yards. Moreover, it was the touchdown with the most air yards in the last 10 seasons.


The worst thing for the Lions is that Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t have had the chance to do this. On the previous (last play of the game), Rodgers found himself in trouble, but luckily for the Packers, someone grabbed his face mask, giving him another chance to score the game-winning TD.

Despite the eventual outcome, it is safe to say that not everything is great in Titletown. This would have been their fifth loss in 6 games if not for the miraculous TD and the way they started the game showed quite a few chinks in their armor.

In fact, most people agree that if this were any other team apart from the Lions, the Packers wouldn’t have been able to get back into this one.

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