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Owned: 20 Great Dunkers In The NBA Today


2. Nate Robinson

Easily the shortest player on the list, Robinson is a past dunk competition champion despite his short stature. Seeing him rise from the floor to throw it down is an incredible sight.

In 2009, Nate won the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Competition. In the first round he completed two dunks, the second of which included jumping off Knicks teammate Wilson Chandler, who was on the floor.

Nate finished second in the first round with a score of 87. After that, he went into the locker room and changed into a green Knicks jersey with green shorts and green shoes, which were representing Kryptonite (which he called “KryptoNATE”), countering competitor Dwight Howard’s Superman theme.

In the final round, Nate, who is only 5 feet 9, jumped over Dwight Howard (6 feet 11 inches) for the slam. Then he went on to win his second Slam Dunk title with 52% of the fan vote.

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