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Ovechkin Injured In International Play


Star of the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin suffered a leg injury while playing for Russia in the ice hockey work championships.

The injury occurred during a game against the German squad on Sunday.

The Washington star was immediately taken to the hospital after getting hit in the right knee during the third period. He stayed on the ice for several minutes after the hit, but then had to be helped off of the ice by his teammates.

According to a statement, Ovechkin will definitely miss the last game in Russia’s group against Belarus, who are hosting the event. However, he will remain with the team throughout the tournament.

Ovechkin has three goals and six assists for the Russians in the tournament.

There have been no reports on whether he will be able to return, but he did send a picture of himself showing the thumbs up sign on Instagram, telling his fans that he is alright.

The Russian general manager Andrei Safronov said that Ovechkin will be staying with the team regardless, adding that Ovechkin is the leader of the squad and would not have it any other way.

The good news for Ovechkin and the Russians (but also the Capitals) is that a medical scan of his knee has ruled out the chance of any torn ligaments.

According to Washington, they have reviewed medical reports that were sent to them from Russia, and they are certain that he will be healthy by the time training camp rolls around.

The team added that they will continue to monitor his health and that the medical team will be able to make a better determination of the injury once they have more reviews of the injury forwarded to them.

The German player who hit Ovechkin, Kink, was not penalized for the incident. However, after a review of the incident, he was suspended for the final game of the Germany group against the United States.

The commission that reviewed the hit said that while he did not hit Ovechkin intentionally in the knee, he did lower his body and hit Ovechkin with his hip, which is clipping.

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