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OKC Thunder Co-Owner Aubrey McClendon Dies In Car Crash Following Indictment


When the ownership group Aubrey McClendon was part of decided to move the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City and rename them the Thunder, there were very few people in Emerald City who didn’t go for his head and the heads of the rest of the people in the ownership group. Yesterday, March 2, 2016, McClendon passed away and according to the first reports, his death in a car accident may not have been an accident. Namely, the initial evidence may be indicating that OKC Thunder’s part owner committed suicide.

Former chief executive of Chesapeake Energy veered off-course and drove straight into a concrete bridge pillar. Witnesses say that he had all the time in the world to correct his course, but he didn’t. According to the Oklahoma City Police, he was not wearing a seatbelt and he was going well over the speed limit at the moment of the crash.

While his intent to take his own life is currently nothing more than theory, McClendon had been indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice just the day before. The indictment involved charges for orchestrating “… a conspiracy between two large oil and gas companies to not bid against each other for the purchase of certain oil and natural gas leases in northwest Oklahoma.” This had been a 5-year old conspiracy according to the indictment and the strangest thing about his response was that he never once denied the charges.

We are not lawyers here at Sporty Insider and as far as we are concerned, McClandon will forever be remembered as part of the ownership group which moved the Seattle team to Oklahoma City and effectively ended a well-loved franchise, even outside of Seattle.

Back in 2007 and 2008 when the move was being discussed, McClandon owned only 20 percent of the team, but he was still one of the more public figures in the group, quoted in The Oklahoma City Journal Record as saying that the group “didn’t buy the Seattle SuperSonics to keep them in Seattle.” At the time he was quoted, the organization had publicized different intentions and McClendon was fined $250,000 by NBA.

Since then, he increased his ownership share in the team and he had many fans in Oklahoma City. Billy Donovan, the head coach for the OKC Thunder said he addressed his team after he learned of McClendon’s passing.

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