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Nothing Goes Right For The Colts


Sunday night, the Colts were hosting the Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium and they welcomed the reigning champions with banners saying “We just assume you’re cheating right now” And “Cheaters exit here,” among other things.

The Colts fans had their fun, but once the game started, there was little of it to be had as a Colts fan. The team did run some smart plays and there were times when it seemed they almost had a chance, but to anyone neutral it was very obvious – the Pats came to Indianapolis for the win and there was no stopping them.

The worst moment in the game (and the season, and quite possibly the franchise history) for the Colts came in the third quarter when they tried to catch the Pats defensive line out of position with a fake punt play which backfired in the most epic of ways.

The play was ill-conceived and executed even worse, giving the Pats possession that was soon turned into a touchdown by Brady and the pals. The Colts will be hearing about this one for years to come.

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