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NFL Players Baffled By New NBA Contracts


The NBA Free Agency kicked off last Friday and it was one crazy Independence Day Weekend around the league with everyone getting paid. And when we say getting paid, we mean getting paid. Actually, the fact that the salary cap has been dramatically raised has led to insane contracts being handed out left and right. So much so that the NFL players could not hold their peace anymore.

T.J. Warren of the Denver Broncos had this to say:

His teammate Emmanuel Sanders added the following:

Baltimore Ravens’ running back Justin Forsett is obviously thinking about his kids’ future:

DeAngelo Williams of the Pittsburgh Steelers was pretty bitter:

And it is not difficult to see why they are upset when you consider the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers will pay Timofey Mozgov $16 million a year over the next 4 years. Just to put things into perspective, Mozgov scored 15 points in the NBA Finals series this year! In 7 games.

Some contracts make more sense, but this is still the most insane free agency the NBA has ever seen.

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