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NFL Gets Its First Female Ref


The National Football League just made history this week by promoting a referee of 19 years from the Conference USA to the NFL. Why is it ground-breaking news? Because the referee is a woman.

Her name is Sarah Thomas and she is about to become the first female referee in the history of the NFL.

Thomas said that she is thrilled about the opportunity and said that a lot of people don’t even know how long it takes and how much luck you need to have to make it to the big leagues.

“pee-wee, high school, if you’re fortunate enough to even go to the junior college level, small college, Division I, then of course the National Football League. But you never dream that this would really come true,” she said.

Thomas began working high school football games back in 1999. She has had some small NFL experience, refereeing mini-camp games for the Browns, Colts and Saints in preseason.

However, NFL officials said that her great work on the college level is what set her apart and earned her the promotion. Congrats and good luck, Sarah!

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