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NFL Clears Payton Manning Of Doping Charges


Payton Manning had the perfect retirement from the NFL. At age 40, he led his Denver Broncos to another title, against the much-favorited Carolina Panthers. He went out as the all-time leader in passing yards at 71,940 and he also won five MVP awards and another title earlier in his career.

All of his achievements would have been discredited, to say the least, had the NFL announced different investigation results earlier today.

Namely, the league ran a 7-month investigation on Manning, the Steelers’ James Harrison, the Packers’ Peppers and Matthews and a few more players concerning their alleged use of HGH (human growth hormone) in order to enhance their performance.

The allegations had been made in a documentary by Al-Jazeera America by pharmacist Charlie Sly. He very quickly retracted them, but the league still decided to investigate.

Manning was understandably angry after he had heard about the investigation, but according to the NFL officials, he and his wife cooperated fully with the investigators who ended up discovering nothing.

We are really glad this investigation did not leave a nasty mark on an otherwise stellar NFL career.

We knew it wouldn’t.

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