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New York Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis Lands Another Endorsement Deal


The fact that Kristaps Porzingis, this year’s #4 pick by the New York Knicks has just signed his third endorsement deal tells quite a bit about how much potential everyone sees in him and how efficient he has been in changing the minds of the Knicks’ fans.

In case you already forgot, the Knicks fans were not so welcoming to the young Latvian when Phil Jackson used up their fourth pick to draft this young European player. We all remember the entire Barclays booing upon hearing that KP is their new player. There were kids in the stands who were crying tears of sadness because of the decision. Stephen A. Smith was among the experts who lined up to express their befuddlement at the decision.

The Knicks have now played 23 games (with the 10-13 record) and more often than not, Porzingis has been their top player, especially in those games that they have won. He has also been named the rookie of the month in the East. Not bad for someone who was supposed to mature for a few years before making his mark on the league.


It didn’t take long for the Knicks’ fans to go back on their own sentiments and turn Kristaps into a NYC hero. Considering all of the hype surrounding the young Latvian big man, it is no wonder that BodyArmor have signed him to an endorsement deal. The sports drink manufacturer has thus joined Delta Air Lines and Shifman Mattress as the first in the line of what will eventually be innumerable suitors and companies vying for Porzingis’ endorsements.

The best thing about Kristaps’ endorsements so far have been the reasons why he’s been endorsing those companies. He decided to sign a deal with Delta Air Lines because of his family who will be flying over from Latvia regularly and who might do with free tickets. The people from Shifman Mattress have come forward to make a custom-sized mattress for his 7-foot-3 needs.

The reason why he agreed to endorse BodyArmor is that he loves their product. As part of the deal, Kristaps will be on their billboards and part of in-store advertising. They will also launch a 12 Days of Kristaps promotion where their customers will enter a contest whose winner will meet the Latvian rookie.

This is one of those endorsement deals that will look amazing a few years from now when Porzingis truly becomes a star in his own right. Even now, the sales of his jersey are surpassed solely by those of Curry, Kobe, Jordan, LeBron and Durant.

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