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NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder Dismantle Golden State Warriors In Game 3

The Golden State Warriors’ starting center, Andrew Bogut probably put it best after last night’s game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between his team and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And really, it was a 48-minute basketball beating that made many an NBA fan think twice about still considering the Warriors the biggest candidate for winning the title this year.

No one is saying this is impossible, but the drubbing they received in Oklahoma last night was something unprecedented.

This year, the reigning champs really haven’t had many troubles reaching the final, disposing of their opponents in a summary fashion. Last season, however, they did find themselves on the losing end of a 2-1 series, both against the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, those were very different series to this one. Those losses were very different from the one they suffered yesterday.

They lost 133-105 yesterday. The game was tied at 40-40 and then the Thunder went off. They didn’t look back from that moment on. Not even having their starting center Steven Adams kicked in the groin by Draymond Green was enough to give them pause. They went at the champs and they steamrolled over them. Soon after, the result was 85-59. The Thunder outscored the Warriors 45-19 over a period of about 12 minutes and the game was over.

We could analyze the reasons as to why this game turned out the way it did till the cows come home, but in reality, there is only one reason – the Thunder can be an incredibly dangerous team when everything is clicking. Just to put things into perspective, they absolutely demolished what has been considered one of the two best NBA teams in the history of the league.

In the playoffs. Which is the only time it matters really.

When Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant get going and when they get at least some kind of support from the rest of the guys, they are pretty much unstoppable. Durant cannot be guarder, definitely by no one on the Warriors team. Westbrook makes Curry work so hard on the defense that he cannot bring it on the other end.

The Warriors were outplayed, outrun and outgunned yesterday in Oklahoma. Is this a sign that they are not as invincible as everyone thought or is it just a hiccup?

We will have to wait till Wednesday to find out. If the Dubs lose that game too, they will be in all kinds of trouble.


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