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NBA Meets Its Newest Stars On Draft Night


Tomorrow, the NBA league officials, team representatives and college players eligible for the draft will all come together in Brooklyn for the 2016 NBA Draft. We have a feeling that this year’s draft has not been as talked about as last year’s one, but it probably has to do with the recent crazy playoffs finals.

Still, it promises to be a great draft, headlined by two young players – Ben Simmons from LSU and Brandon Ingram from Duke. Experts and pundits have been trying to figure out which of the two players would be taken by the Philadelphia 76ers with the first pick and yesterday, news broke that it will most probably be Simmons.

This means that the Los Angeles Lakers will be drafting Ingram at #2, while the Boston Celtics are reportedly trying to trade their third pick for an established star.

Like every year, trying to predict which team will draft which player is an exercise in futility and we believe it is best to wait and see how everything turns out.

One thing is for sure – it is going to be a crazy draft night in Brooklyn.

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