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NBA Is Starting! NBA Is Starting!


It’s been four long months without the NBA. And the way this season is shaping up to be, we couldn’t be any more hyped for the start of the regular season. Will the Warriors be able to retain the title? Will the Cavs finally be healthy enough to challenge the Dubs? Will Houston, OKC and the Spurs make West living hell for the reigning champs?

The road to answering these questions starts tonight and we will have three great games to enjoy on the opening night. The first game of the night includes the Detroit Pistons going to Atlanta to take on the Hawks. The Pistons are looking stronger than last year and the Hawks are the perfect first test. The Hawks are looking to improve upon the last season and they surely want to start the season with a win.

The next game is a real treat, a game between arguably two of the best teams in the East – The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls. Despite rumors, both LeBorn James and Derrick Rose will be playing, their minutes somewhat limited due to injuries. The game will be a tough one, with the Bulls being the favorites due to the Cavs’ decimated starting 5.

The last game of the night is taking us West, where the reigning champions Golden State Warriors are hosting the New Orleans Pelicans. The champs are ready and Anthony Davis is coming to town. We can’t wait to see how much he has improved since last season and how the Warriors will respond. One thing is for sure – the matchup is going to be crazy.

Bring it on!

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