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NBA Coaches Are Getting Fired Left And Right

Derek Fisher

Yesterday, the NBA was shaken once again this year because of the firing of a coach. This time it was Derek Fisher who has been coaching the New York Knicks for just over a season and a half and posting not so great numbers. Fisher, who will be succeeded by Kurt Rambis as the interim head coach of the Knicks, is the fifth head coach to lose his job this year and it makes us wonder who is next.

The first NBA coach to go this season was Kevin McHale who was fired by the Houston Rockets back in November 2015. His team started the season very poorly, going 4-7 in the first eleven games and getting blown out in the four straight games following McHale’s firing. Most analysts and experts agreed that replacing McHale was one of the worst things the franchise could have done. They are doing sort of okay now, but there is still the feeling something is missing for the Rockets.

In January, the NBA lost two more head coaches. The first was Lionel Hollins of the Brooklyn Nets and to be perfectly honest, no one batted an eyelid. His team was doing abysmally and the franchise was suffering. Unfortunately for the fans, the fact that the Nets were doing so bad and the franchise was in such poor condition had nothing to do with Hollins, as is obvious from their record since then and the overall apathetic state of the franchise.

Not long after Hollins, David Blatt of the Cleveland Cavaliers lost his job.  This one was a huge surprise. The man took half of the Cavs team to the Finals last year and he even took two games from the Warriors. He has done everything that could realistically be asked of him and yet, he lost his job. Of course, there was much talk about LeBron’s involvement in the firing of Blatt, which he denied, with absolutely no one believing him.

Fisher is not the first NBA coach to lose his job this February as Jeff Hornacek beat him to it, getting canned from the Phoenix Suns. If you thought other coaches lost their jobs for nothing, then Hornacek’s firing makes even less sense. The man was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. The Suns have been managed poorly by the head office for years and he was just the scapegoat this time.

Yesterday, Derek Fisher lost his job and Phil Jackson, in all his infinite wisdom put Kurt Rambis in charge of the Knicks. Rambis who still ranks amongst the worst head coaches ever to lead a team in the NBA. We are putting Fisher’s firing on Jackson, not that Fisher was a great coach. It’s just that Jackson is an even worse president. He’ll probably hire Mark Jackson next or something like that, knowing him. And all the while, Byron Scott still coaches the Lakers.

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