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Nascar Racers Brawl After Race


It wasn’t a pretty sight after the AAA Texas 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday. Racers Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski got into a fight that ended up getting their entire teams involved and scuffling.

The fight was sparked by events that took place on the raceway earlier. According to Nascar analysts, the two bumped at the start of the race. Gordon ended up with a flat tire that sent him spinning out and believed that Keselowski had made contact on purpose.

The race was won by Jimmie Johnson while Keselowski finished third. Because of the bad start, Gordon ended up finishing the race in 29th place.

The brawl broke out after the race after Gordon made some nasty comments about Keselowski. He approached Keselowski’s team and a verbal altercation ensured, which ended up turning physical.

It seems that both o the drivers suffered minor injuries in the fight, and in an interview directly after, you can clearly see that Gordon was sporting a fat lip.

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