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MLB’s Rangers And Blue Jays Go Medieval On Each Other


It does not matter if you are a Texas Rangers or a Toronto Blue Jays fan. It does not even matter if you watch baseball or not. This weekend in sports could be summed up in a single 17-second video.

This video.

In real time, it was moments, but thanks to internet and the wonders of slow motion, it is now a 17-second vid of Rougned Odor punching Jose Bautista straight in the face. With all the incredible MMA fights this year, it is almost incredible that the best punch of 2016 happened during a baseball game, but it did.

If you ask anyone who knows a thing about baseball, this punch was an inevitability.

It all began last year and the American League Division Series which pitted the Rangers and the Blue Jays. The Texan team took a 2-0 series lead and it seemed they were on their way to an upset. The Blue Jays, however, had a different plan for the series and they tied it up, taking it to Game 5.

In that game, it was Bautista who destroyed the Rangers’ hopes of winning with a three-run shot that sent the Canadian fans into ecstasy. But it wasn’t the shot itself that infuriated the everyone who cares about the Rangers. It was Bautista’s reaction after hitting the ball.

In case you forgot about it or somehow missed it last year, here is a video to remind you.

It was the infamous bat flip that sent Rangers and their supporters into rage. From there on, the Blue Jays became their sworn enemies, especially Bautista.

Yesterday, it was clear from the get-go that the game was going to be a special one. You could feel the tension on the pitch and in the eighth inning, Matt Bush threw a fast one straight into Bautista’s arm.

Everyone remained calm, but you knew that both teams’ players were boiling under the surface.

Not short after, Bautista slid hard and/or dirty (depending on whose fan you are) and it signaled the start of this year’s largest brawl yet in the MLB. Both benches emptied, punches got thrown (and mostly missed) and a whole lot of players and coaching staff got tossed, currently still awaiting suspensions.

One definite punch did connect during the early stages of the brawl, the punch everyone’s been talking about since.

We don’t know your feelings about this, but we sure hope Blue Jays and Rangers meet in the postseason once again this year.

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