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MLB Stars Yordano Ventura And Manny Machado Start A Brawl In Baltimore


Yesterday’s game between MLB’s Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals was not a nail-biter in any respect. It was obvious from the get-go that the Baltimore team was on top of things and the final result of 9-1 tells pretty much the whole story.

The overall boredom and one-sidedness of the game did not stop Royals’ Yordano Ventura from getting into yet another fight in the string of many brawls that have plagued his career. This time, he unleashed a 100 mph fastball at Manny Machado who responded the only way he could, dropping his bat and charging toward the mound.

Ventura had some time to prepare, but Machado still managed to land a few punches before the rest of their teams reached the mound and the brawling duo dropped to the ground.

As Jacob Shafer writes in his article on Bleacher Report, Ventura was involved in no less than three incidents in a single month last year, which nominates him for the title of the most problematic baseball player playing in the MLB today.

Adam Jones of the Orioles had an interesting take on the whole thing:

We agree. Passion has its place on the field, but it needs to be backed up by something real.

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