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MLB Stadium Snacks Keep Getting Insaner

game's got junk

Major League Baseball stadiums are truly on another level when it comes to preparing ridiculous snacks and treats for their fans. Sure, NFL stadiums have huge burgers and hot dogs of their own, but the MLB seems to be a lot more innovative.

And when it comes to innovation, the Milwaukee Brewers have always been ahead of the pack. It is Wisconsin after all. If you’re a fan of stadium food trivia, then you probably already know about the famous pulled pork parfait that the Brewers organization invented. It’s kind of like an ince cream sundae, but instead of ice cream and chocolate syrup, you get pulled pork and mash potatoes.

But the Brewers are stepping their game up even further this season with their new Inside the Park Nachos. You get taco meat on a stick, server with a fried crust made of Doritos, topped with sour cream and cheese sauce and with a side of salsa. Sounds amazing, right?

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