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MLB Season Kicks Off This Weekend


It’s been more than 150 days since any kind of official, serious baseball was going on and to tell you the truth, we couldn’t wait anymore. This Sunday, a new season will kick off and the fans of the American pastime will finally have something to do. While we are waiting for the season to officially start, we will be looking at a few questions that might decide what MLB will look like in the next 200 days.

For one, what will happen to the New York Yankees. Their All-Star Aroldis Chapman will miss the first 30 games of the regular season because of the domestic violence charges. The man who would replace him in the ninth inning, Andrew Miller is dealing with a fractured wrist (fortunately, not on his pitching arm). It’s looking like their super-bullpen may not materialize after all.

Another time whose roster is going to look very different from the planned one are the Los Angeles Dodgers. Among other people, they lost Brett Anderson to back surgery, Hyun-Jin Ryu to a shoulder procedure, Andre Etheir to a broken leg, Yasmani Grandal to a forearm strain, Howie Kendrick to a bum calf and so on. It’s as if a curse was put on the team.


The Chicago Cubs fans are probably biting their fingernails to the bone after a disastrous spring training record of 11-17 while most experts and pundits are reminding them that the spring record means nothing. More importantly than that, the Cubs are healthy, all of their core players are still on the team and they were probably trying out new things this spring anyway. The Cubs will be fine.

This season will also see a new collective bargaining agreement since the existing one is bound to expire December 1. As we all know, these things can get messy and even though there haven’t been any major problems since the mid-1990s, you can never completely discount a possibility that the league and the players’ union will have troubles finding common ground.

Last but not the least, this will be the season after which we will be saying goodbye to David Ortiz. Sure, he will be 40, but this is David Ortiz we’re talking about. Just last year, he had a historically great season for a 39-year old player and this one could easily be even better considering the fact that his Red Sox got better in the meantime.

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