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Missing Ohio State Lineman Found Dead


The Ohio State football team’s lineman, who was missing since Wednesday, was found dead by Columbus, Ohio police this weekend. At the Ohio State – Michigan game this weekend, his picture was shown on the video screen throughout the game in hopes that someone on or around campus might have seen him.

Kosta Karageorge was 22 years old. According to reports, Karageorge sent a text message to his mother late Wednesday night saying,

“Sorry if I am an embarrassment, but these concussions have my head all [expletive] up.”

The player had a history of concussion injuries, police say, with the most recent concussion being sustained less than a month ago. According to his mother, she had noticed that he was acting very strangely, and that she had noticed moments during which her son seems “extremely confused.”

Media all over the country are reporting that this case should help to shine more light on the issues of concussions sustained while playing football and mental health – a hot topic in the National Football League as well over the last several years.

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