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Minnesota Distracts Kickers With Viral Chipmunk


Sure, the University of Minnesota’s mascot is the gopher, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t use the help of a relative. And either way, can people really tell the difference between a gopher and a chipmunk? Most can’t.

So that’s why Minnesota’s football team has been using the help of the dramatic chipmunk. If you remember the viral video from a few years ago, and you probably do, it was a chipmunk giving a very serious look directly into the camera as it dramatically zoomed in on his face.

Every time the opposing team’s kicker comes out onto the field to try and extra point or field goal, the stadium plays the dramatic chipmunk video on the big screen in an effort to distract him and get him to miss the kick. And believe it or not, it’s worked once already. TCU kicker Jaden Oberkrom missed one of three field goal attempts against the Gophers on Thursday.

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