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Miami Gives James Warm Welcome In First Game Back

Celebrities Attend The 63rd NBA All-Star Game 2014

A lot of people were wondering how LeBron James was going to be treated by the Miami crowd after leaving for Cleveland in the off season.

As most remember, James first left Cleveland for Miami, and when he played his first game in Cleveland coming back, he was treated to an arena full of boos.

However, the reception now coming back to Miami after decided to give Cleveland another shot was one that was expected.

Sure, there were some boos, but not many. Most Miami fans still love James and are thankful for everything he did for the city. James led Miami to four straight appearances in the NBA Finals and two championships, and it’s hard to hate on a career like that.

James also had an emotional on-court reunion with his former teammate Dwayne Wade. The two gave each other a big huge before the game started, and everyone watching could tell that the two of them mean a lot to each other and are still great friends.

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