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Metta World Peace Coming Home To LA


The Los Angeles Lakers are going to have one very interesting season in 2015-16. We love how some of their fans still believe they might make the playoffs, but that is probably the one thing we can safely say will not happen. Everything else? Maybe.

There are already plenty of storylines brewing in LA – from Kobe coming back for what just might be his final season as a Laker to D’Angelo Russell saying and doing all kinds of less-than-thought-out things in the short time he’s been with the team. There is also Roy Hibbert trying to prove he is part of the elite.

And now, in midst of all that, we learn that the one and only Metta World Peace is coming back to the Lakers for the season. It’s as if you had a 700-acre wildfire raging on for months and you decided the best thing to do was crash a thousand 747’s filled with kerosene into it.

The 2015-16 Lakers are going to be one hell of an experiment and we’ll be sure to watch it all go down. Maybe in flames. Join us.

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