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Magic Not Taking Sterling Comments To Heart


It seems that legendary NBA star Magic Johnson is not taking the things Clippers owner Donald Sterling said about him to heart. In a keynote address that he made at the National Restaurant Association Show, Johnson joked about the controversy even.

The basis of the keynote speech was about his involvement in the restaurant and food services businesses that he owns, but he did manage to get in a quip about Sterling’s comments.

He joked that after the last two weeks, he had considered going back to the food services industry. The entire controversy stems from the racist comments that Sterling made about Johnson.

The original story, already known throughout the sports world, was that Sterling had told his girlfriend to never bring black people to Clippers games with her, an incredibly racist remark considering that most of the Clippers team, and the entire NBA, are made up of black players.

He then made a comment about Magic Johnson related to his now ex-girlfriend taking a picture with the star and position it on Instagram.

Magic was also involved in comments made related to stories that he was interested in buying the Clippers once Sterling is forced to sell the team. Sterling made comments regarding the fact that Johnson was HIV positive, suggesting that he would not be a proper role model or suited to own a team because of that.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has already banned Sterling from the NBA for life and fined him $2.5 million. Silver also said that he would ask all of the other owners of NBA teams to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

Johnson joked during his speech that he had no idea taking pictures with someone would cause such a stir. However, he said that he would continue to pose for pictures with fans and said that there is no room for racism in society.

That was the only comment that Johnson made about the controversy. He did not want to answer any questions from reporters after the event and did not want to talk about whether or not he was truly interested in buying the Clippers.

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