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Magic Johnson Wants to Be Involved In NFL’s LA Franchise

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We already know that Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson is interested in a lot more than basketball. He already has ownership stakes in three professional teams that don’t have anything to do with the Lakers – the Los Angeles Dodgers and the new pro soccer team, the Los Angeles Football Club.

He also owns stakes in the LA-based WNBA team, the Sparks. And while he hasn’t been contacted by anyone with NFL connections about the prospects of getting a team back to LA, Johnson said that he would definitely be interested.

Johnson said that he and his team have shown what they can do in LA with the Dodgers, turning attendance around in two years and giving the team the best attendance in all of baseball.

“That’s going to be important to whoever the owner is, to make sure they have someone locally to sell the team to the local market,” Johnson added.

He said that even if he isn’t involved in the end, he is still going to buy a suite and attend every home game.

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