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Luke Wilson To Play NFL Commissioner In Concussion Film?


Even though filming has yet to begin, it seems that the project of making a movie based on the way the NFL handled chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in its former players is in the process of being developed.

Sources say that the movie will be called “Brain Game” and that it will be directed by Ridley Scott. Also, it seems that big name actors like Alec Baldwin and Will Smith have already signed on to the project.

So who is going to play NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? Rumor has it that Luke Wilson is considering taking the role. While the film is still being developed, it seems that it might not just be related to the league’s handling of concussions, and might also explore other recent NFL blunders, like they way in which they responded to the Ray Rice domestic abuse case.

Sources say that Goodell will most likely be portrayed as “an aloof corporate executive not wanting to hear the truth about the potential hazards of his business.”

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