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Love Doesn’t Want To Stay In Minnesota

Minnesota Timberwolves star player Kevin Love is making it clear to his team that he wants to move on.

He said stated that he intends to become a free agent after next season and does not have an intention of staying in Minnesota.

However, Love is not demanding a trade. The position he is putting the team in, however, might force their fans in the matter.

It would not be a surprise is the Wolves dealt Love before next season, or before the February 2015 trade deadline at the latest in order to avoid losing the player without getting any compensation for him in return.

Love is the team’s franchise player and they are not looking to let him go at all costs. Minnesota owner Glen Taylor said that he will not be trading Love until the team has no choice but to do so.

Many reports state that if they do trade Love, the team will be looking for not only a first round pick in return, but a couple of veterans in the package as well in order to assume leadership of the team once Love leaves.

Some sources have stated that Love is most interested in Golden State and Chicago as possible new locations for his talents. Of course, big markets like New York and Los Angeles are also being mentioned, but it seems that Love is looking for the best place to go in order to be in immediate contention.

It is obvious that Love wants to be on a winning team and is looking to put himself in the best possible situation that would allow him to get a championship under his belt.

How good is Love? In this season, there were only two players that have a higher Player Efficiency Rating – Lebron James and MVP Kevin Durant.

Despite his brilliance on the court, he has apparently made it clear to Minnesota that he is desperate to be in a winning situation and that constant losing over the years has had a tremendous toll on him.

In the six seasons that Love has played in Minnesota, they have not made the playoffs.

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