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Lil B Re-Curses James Harden


James Harden has already felt the effects of the so-called Based God Curse that has been keeping Kevin Durant from winning an NBA title for the past 4 years. In last year’s playoffs, Harden was cursed by Lil B during the Western Conference Finals and we all remember how that went for the Rockets.

Harden’s team was summarily dispatched by the Golden State Warriors who would later go on to win the 2015 title. Moreover, in the last game of that series, Harden set an NBA record for most turnovers in a playoff game. Lil B was in the arena for that one.

Today, we are learning that Lil B is renewing his curse on Harden, displeased that the Rocket’s shooting guard is not giving up on his cooking celebration which was the cause of the whole ruckus in the first place. Namely, the famous rapper still cannot forgive Harden for what he perceives as disrespect to what he calls the “originator” of the celebration, i.e. himself.

The Rockets are much better this season thanks to the offseason addition of Ty Lawson, but are they good enough to power through the Based God Curse?

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