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LeBron’s Legacy Grows With Buzzer-Beater Against Bulls


Cleveland Cavaliers stars LeBron James wasn’t necessarily having the greatest night. He generally wasn’t shooting well and wasn’t making much of an impact on the court. But what separates the great and legendary players is what they do when it counts most.

And James proved once again that he belongs in the legendary category, along with the likes of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

Despite his off night, James demanded that he get the ball with 1.5 seconds left in the game and the Cavs and Bulls tied at 84. He threw out a play designed by the coaching staff and told his team to just get the ball to him.

And James sunk a long two-pointer from the corner and gave his team the win. He now has as many playoff buzzer beaters as Michael Jordan. That about says it all. The series is now even at 2-2.

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