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LeBron Proves Once Again He’s The King


All kinds of crazy stuff happened last night, from Anthony Davis scoring 59 points and grabbing 20 rebounds to go with it (the first NBA player since Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O’Neal to do so) to Dirk Nowitzki tallying his 29,000th point. The highlight of the night, however, was LeBron James’ performance in Oklahoma City where his Cleveland Cavaliers went to play the Thunder.

The Cavs came to Oklahoma without a few important players, such as Iman Shumpert, Mo Williams and their newest acquisition Channing Frye. When Kyrie Irving had to leave the game in the second quarter with flu-like symptoms, it seemed that the Cleveland team will not be able to stand up to the Thunder led so vigorously by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, quite possibly the most lethal duo in the league today.

Unfortunately for them and the home fans, the Cavs still had LeBron in the game and he showed once again why he is the best player in the world at the moment. With quite a few places between him and #2.

For a huge chunk of the game, LeBron played the point guard, since Dellavedova, the only point guard the Cavs had left was on minutes restriction due to his injury. In essence, King James had to do pretty much everything and he loved every second of it.

You often see great players being selfless because they know this will be something new and something everyone will be talking about the next day. Sometimes they will let other players take over so they can have a breather or because they are getting doubled or tripled. LeBron does it because he loves to play that way. You really get a feeling that he is the happiest when his entire team is into it and contributing.

Last night, he really got everyone involved. Kevin Love had an amazing game, scoring 29 points, with four more Cavs scoring in double digits. And they all scored that many points because LeBron made it happen. We will have to watch the game again, but we have a feeling he didn’t make a single wrong decision last night.

Not many players can come to Oklahoma and demolish a complete Thunder team with half of his own team. Not many players can beat the Thunder with Westbrook almost having a triple-double and Durant scoring 26 on a very efficient night. LeBron can.

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