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LeBron Gives Taunter His Death Stare


A lot of people forget that it can be very hard to be a professional athlete. You really need to be a zen master. There’s always going to be people yelling profanities at you, talking about your mother perhaps, calling you out on Twitter, it really never ends.

A fan caught a video of Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James leaving the court after their Game 2 victory in the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. As he was exiting the court, a young female fan of the Warriors called him a “p**sy a** b**ch.”

Security at the game told the fan to slow her roll or she would be ejected, and you can tell she was a little scared. But she probably became a lot scared when LeBron looked back and gave her the death stare. We’re surprised she didn’t turn to stone. All we know is that James has a lot of self-restraint.

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