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LeBron Doesn’t Want His Kids Playing Football


ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported recently that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James told him that he would not let his sons play football and that only basketball, baseball and soccer are allowed in his home.

This seems to be a common theme these days, especially with former football players. Most recently, legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre also said that he would be hesitant to let his son play football.

One reason would be because of the expectations that would be set for him, considering who is father is. However, the main reason is that it’s a violent sport that can lead to serious and life-long injuries.

LeBron played high school football as a teenager, and was even highly recruited. However, he gave it up in his junior year to focus on basketball and to avoid getting injured and compromising his future as a basketball star.

Another NFLer who said that he would not let his children play football is Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson.

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