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Knicks Showing Interest In Derek Fisher For Coaching Spot

Reports show that the New York Knicks are showing interesting in talking to Derek Fisher about their open coaching spot; however, they do not seem to be in a big rush.

Knicks President Phil Jackson is making it clear that the Knicks are not in a rush. This was made even more evident by the fact that they recently let Steve Kerr go to the Warriors to accept his first head coaching job.

It appears that the Knicks are waiting for the season to be over for the Oklahoma City Thunder, so that they can talk to Fisher. Fisher is still a player in the league, and the Thunder are currently in the Western Conference Finals, playing against the San Antonio Spurs.

However, Thunder coach Scott Brooks has been quoted as saying that it is quite possible that Fisher might want to continue playing after this season is over. Fisher has been in the league for 18 years now.

Naturally, Fisher does not want to talk about any of the rumors until after the Thunder are finished with this season. There have not only been head coaching rumors circling around the veteran, but also rumors of teams offering him front office jobs.

Fisher said that it was humbling that people are considering him for positions even while he is still a player. However, he said that he is completely focused on the Thunder currently and that he will not entertain any type of offers until the offseason.

There are some other people that are on the Knicks’ radar. One of them is Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw. However, the Knicks do not have any plans yet of asking the Nuggets for permission to speak with him.

It is no secret that Jackson is a big fan of Shaw’s, and he is even more enticing because of the fact that he will be coaching free agent this offseason.

New York might not have a lot of room to negotiate with the Nuggets, however, since they do not have a first round pick to offer any team until 2018.

Shaw posted a 36-46 record with the Nuggets this year; you battled injuries during the entire season and could never gel.

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