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Kings Shooting Guard Lets Fan Take His Girlfriend To Prom


Sacramento Kings shooting guard Nik Stauskas seems like a nice enough guy. But does he seem like a guy you would loan out his girlfriend? Well, that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

A young fan asked him on Twitter if he could take his girlfriend, blonde bombshell Taylor Anderson, to the prom.

And Stauskas said he could. But the catch was that Jaime Guerra, the teen who was looking for a date to prom, needed to get 10,000 retweets in order for it to happen. Stauskas gave the teen two full days to get the retweets, but as soon as other NBA players, and even NFL players, started retweeting, it was obvious that Guerra was going to meet his goal easily.

It ended up taking only three hours to get the 10,000 required retweets. Stauskas kept his word and said that his girlfriend would be attending the prom with Guerra, Stauskas even said that he would make an appearance and hang out for a bit. Talk about a good sport.

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