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Kevin Hart Races Adrian Peterson


One could say that there’s usually nothing that interest to see on a Texas street at 1 a.m., but that certainly was not the case last night.

Comedian Kevin Hart was in town. He is currently doing a stand up comedy tour and his “What Now” show rolled into the longhorn state last night. One person who is obviously a Hart fan is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who was actually in attendance at the comedy show.
We have no idea whether they are friends or whether this was a completely spontaneous thing, but the two ended up racing after the show.
Hart challenged the star running back to a street race, which a bunch of spectators were able to catch on video thankfully.
You would think that Peterson would completely burn Hart and leave him in the dust, but the race was actually pretty close. Sure, Peterson did not play football most of last year but either way you need to give Hart some credit.

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